Prof. Dr. GONG Ke

Prof. Dr. GONG Ke

CV    简历

Prof. Dr. GONG Ke is an electronics engineer with the expertise in information, communication technology, and more than 30 years’ experience in engineering education, research and management. Since 2009, he has dedicated himself to WFEO activities and has made great contributions to the development of WFEO with his efforts and experience. As the chairman of China National Committee of WFEO, he has organized and led Chinese engineers to actively participate in WFEO’s activities and given full support to WFEO’s activities in China. 

He endeavors to unite world engineering profession to advance UN SDGs, through international joint efforts like World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, UNESCO Engineering Report “Engineering for Sustainable Development”. He has also stressed the essential role of engineering and engineers in the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda through his engagement in drafting relevant documents and his attendance in high-level forums of the UN. He was one of the 26 members of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Scientific Advisory Board. He has established strong bonds with the United Nations, other international organizations and industrial communities.




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