Prof. Gong Ke led a research team to visit SenseTime

On June 15th, Gong Ke, Executive Director of the CINGAI, led a research team and visited SenseTime,an artificial intelligence company. Yang Fan, Co-founder and Vice President of SenseTime, Tian Feng, Dean of the Intelligent Industry Research Institute of SenseTime and other project developers exchanged their views on the development of the artificial intelligence industry, artificial intelligence ethics and so on. 

The team also visited the exhibition hall of SenseTime, giving them a full display of the company’s research and development and product application in the fields of smart cities, car networking, smart cultural tourism.

Later, Liu Gang, Chief Economist of the CINGAI, Zhao Xing, Office Director of the CINGAI, Zhao Xin, Dean of the College of Artificial Intelligence of Nankai University and Lyu Changjun, Expert of the Intelligent Industry Research Institute of SenseTime, had an in-depth discussion.

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